LPG Semi Trailer Truck Tankers, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, India, China

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LPG Semi Trailer Truck Tankers

LPG Semi Trailer Truck Tankers
LPG Semi Trailer Truck Tankers
We are manufacture LPG Semitrailer tanks of various capacities ranging from 7500 Liters to 37000 Liters. All auxiliaries like flow valves, valves, pipelines, mudguard, Tyres, internal valves, Excess safety fittings are provided as per requirement .The tanks are provided with unloading pumps for decanting. The unit comes with all safety features as per norms.
Technical Specification :
7.5 M3, 16 M3, 17.3M3, 23M3, 35M3, 40M3, 45M3, 50M3, 57M3
Design Pressure
17.5 bar
Design Temperature
-10 / +50 C
Design Code
AD - Merkblatter, ASME AND OTHERS
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