Carbon Dioxide Recovery Plants, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, India, China

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Carbon Dioxide Recovery Plants

Carbon Dioxide Recovery Plants
We are Manufacturer, Supplier of (Co2) Carbon dioxide Recovery Plants, Co2 (Carbon dioxide) Gas Plants, Brewery Based, Activated Carbon Tower - Co2 Recovery Plant , Co2 Gas Liquification System , Co2 Gas Dryer.
Our CO2 recovery plant is packed with features introduced after a in-depth study of problems encountered in conventional plants operating on low efficiencies and presenting difficulties in liquefaction of CO2.
Features being :
• Generously sized water scrubbers.
• Unique design of CO2 dryer with inbuilt coolers and time cycle synchronized with CO2 plant operation.
• CO2 liquefaction unit designed to reduce power consumption compared to traditional units.
• CO2 liquefier designed to separate impure and pure gas with pressure equalizer.
• Unique two stage CO2 evaporator coupled with energy conservation.
We are offer high quality activated carbon tower along with Activated Carbon media for co2 recovery plant.
We are also Manufacturer, Supplier of other gas plants like Oxygen Gas Plants, Dry Ice Plants, N20 (Nitrous Oxide) gas plants, Nitrogen / Oxygen Gas Plants, PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants, PSA Oxygen Gas Plants, PSA Nitrogen Gas Gentraor, Carbon Dioxide Genration Plants and other gas plants.
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