CNG Compressors, Reciprocating Compressors For CNG Refuelling

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CNG Compressors - Reciprocating Compressors for CNG Refuelling

Compressors manufactured and distributed by are engineered to operate with a range of Industrial gases at low-vibration levels. These compressors are reliable, durable, efficient and available in configurations to suit a variety of industrial applications, including low pressures and high capacity requirements.

CNG Compressor Features :

CNG compressors are feature-rich, designed to meet the highest quality standards, and engineered for easy implementation and maintenance :
Vibration-free operation is achieved through the horizontally opposed, balanced design.
Proven simple design for reliable operation and easy service.
Standard components throughout the range of models, means that smaller parts inventories are required to service the many different models.
Efficient and economical: every compressor is sized and designed to suit each application, without compromise.
Lower maintenance costs because of the simple, efficient design of the compressor.
The streamlined design eliminates the cooling system due to lower adiabatic coefficient of CNG. The low pressure cylinders are massive cast cylinders which absorb a large amount of heat and vibration.
All piston rods and all material ratings follow API and ASME standards.
CNG Compressor Specifications
Two- and four-throw configurations available (specialized CNG compressors for low inlet and high capacity conditions)
Direct drive and belt drive configurations available
Power range from 50 to 350 horsepower
Speed range from 550 to 1200 RPM
1.375 inch to 7.000 inch cylinder sizes
Fully lubricated and non-lubricated configurations available
Up to 5,000 PSIG working pressure
Up to 4 stage configurations available
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