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CNG Gas Natural Gas

CNG 3 Wheeler – 4 Wheeler kit :

CNG 3 Wheeler – 4 Wheeler kit
CNG 3 Wheeler – 4 Wheeler kit
Unique Features :
  Highlights :
Smart & Compact Design
highest Mileage, Higher Profits
• Half Kick Start, so no traffic jam
Govt, Approved CNG Kit
Truly Eco-Friendly
• Can be Operated without Battery and Wiring
Damp Proof Body
• Easy Operation and Installation
Magneto-Pneumatic Functioning System
Light Weight and Non-Corrosive Material
• No Blockage of engine
Dual Fuel Mode (Petrol / CNG)
• Faster and Smooth Pick-up
Excellent Power Performance
• Smooth Running
Longer Sparkplug Life & Increase Engine Life
• Oil Consumption as per actual Requirement
Least Maintenance
Competitively Priced

• CNG Cylinder Cascade : Industrial CNG Cascade

We also deal with the supplying of CNG cascades for industrial application.
Our cascades are manufactured as per guidelines and safety norms of Department of Explosives.
We supply cascades with water capacity from 100 L to 3200L or as per the customer requirement.
CNG Cylinder Cascade : Industrial CNG Cascade

• Cylinders for CNG Vehicles

Because compressed natural gas (CNG) is clean-burning and economical, it’s finding increasing use in vehicles in countries around the world. Authorities are also promoting its use because it helps reduces pollution on overcrowded city streets. However, since compressed gas cylinders can have an explosive effect during traffic collisions, they have to conform to the highest standards of safety.
We provide a wide range of CNG cylinders that are designed and manufactured to comply with the highest national and international standards. We have high-quality seamless steel CNG cylinders for almost all kinds of vehicles, like three-wheelers, cars, buses and delivery vehicles.
CNG cylinders are strong and lightweight and undergo stringent cyclic testing to assess fatigue strength, usage life and to ensure safety and reliability under extreme climate conditions. We supply the cylinders with or without valves, and with neck threads according to customer specifications. All cylinders are epoxy-coated on the outside to offer protection against rough handling. Please see the table below for details.
Cylinders for CNG Vehicles
WORKING PRESSURE - 204 kgf/cm2
TEST PRESSURE - 340 kgf/cm2
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